Laura Wolf

Being stranded on a Pacific Island with a handsome billionaire sounds like a daydream, but for Alex Hannigan it is a perfect nightmare. Marooned with her boss, Tristan King, who has the survival skills of a domesticated puppy, Alex needs to find a way to figure out where they are and how to survive - without murdering her only companion. Tristan, riddled with guilt for getting them into this situation to begin with, has a lot to learn - about developing his poor social skills just as much as lighting a fire and catching fish. Can hot-headed Alex and insensitive Tristan learn to see eye to eye to figure out the riddles this mysterious island throws at them? Like where the heck did all the plastic come from if there's no village to be seen? What kind of creatures are there with them, hiding just out of sight? And once rescued is there any possible way their lives could be compatible when they come from such different backgrounds? Previously published as a novella under the title Christmas on Henderson Island.

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Stranded With Her Billionaire Boss

A Sweet Desert Island Romance