Ian Lustick

This book asks why Ireland and Algeria, the two outlying territories that were settled by the states of England and France as they expanded over centuries from medieval times to the twentieth century, were not successfully integrated. It argues that the presence of Protestant settlers in Ireland and European settlers in France undermined the state expansion techniques that British and French governments had successfully implemented elsewhere. Jealous of their prerogatives, and anxious to control most if not all the land, settlers used their clout in metropolitan politics to defeat or sabotage reforms and policies of inclusion and cooptation that could have bound these territories to the British and French states. Out of print, but available for free download at https://live-sas-www-polisci.pantheon.sas.upenn.edu/sites/default/files/Lustick_StateBuildingFailure_1985.pdf

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State-Building Failure in British Ireland & French Algeria