Ambrosia Hawthorn
2021 |
Body, Mind & Spirit

Unlock your magic with simple spells for new witches There’s magic in all of us, just waiting to be tapped. If you’re ready to access and channel your power, this spell book will be your guide. Inside, you’ll discover what it means to create and cast a spell, the central philosophies of witchcraft, and how spellwork can help you feel more powerful and connected to the world around you. Sage advice—Explore an introduction to spellcasting that covers key terms, the different forms of magic, and step-by-step instructions for successful spells. For love, prosperity, and healing—Try 130 spells that can impact every part of your life, like a Rose Attraction Potion, a Friendship Repair Knot Spell, or Healing Full Moon Water. Designed with new witches in mind—Enchanting illustrations and a cookbook-style format make it easy to find your favorite spells, along with guidance for honing your craft over time. Empower the witch within as you explore the ultimate spell book for getting started with magic.

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The Spell Book for New Witches

Essential Spells to Change Your Life