Jennie Lee
2020 |

Attain greater self-awareness and orient toward your highest potential through a process of engaged, incisive questioning It’s been said that finding the right question is more important than finding its answer. As author Jennie Lee writes, “Quality questions lead to quality answers. Questions promote deeper thought, connection, authenticity, and humility.” In Spark Change, Lee shows you how to identify that most important question and explore how it might redefine the trajectory of your life. Here Lee guides you through 108 inspiring questions designed to deepen your awareness of your innermost needs and initiate powerful shifts throughout your life. Whether it’s examining the attitudes that hold you back or investigating where you truly want to go in life, these guided inquiries are meant to cultivate gratitude for your gifts, peace with the form of the present moment, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. For the last two decades, Lee has used conscious inquiry practices to encourage self-reflection in her yoga therapy practice. Inspired by the source teachings of classical yoga as well as Lee’s own inner journey, these prompts delve into some of the most enduring questions of psychology, self-improvement, and the spiritual path. With Lee’s piercing insight and constant guidance, Spark Change provides 108 prime opportunities to stop, ponder, and listen to the call of your most essential self.

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Spark Change

108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution