Aimee Pinard

When Max learns she’s pregnant at seventeen, her already tumultuous world seems to be caving in all around. Up to now, her only solace from the abuse of her adoptive family had been her best friends Rox and Wyatt, the latter of which she’d secretly loved for the better part of a decade.Following the experience of her “first time” with Wyatt, she feels jilted and agrees to go to a party with her notoriously malevolent stepsister, Cara. Waking the next morning hungover and naked beside Lance, her long-time bully, she couldn’t wait to get away and pretend it never happened.Only now, with her due date approaching and the paternity in question, she is swayed to move in with Lance into his lavish home where she doesn’t have to face the torment of the life she’d always known. After spending months trying to sort out her options with the help of her mentor and a counselor, she feels she might have her life back on track…Until her baby, Luna, goes missing.Who would kidnap her baby? And more importantly, why doesn’t anyone believe she’s not to blame?The truth always comes out, and the answer is in the space between the stars.

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The Space Between the Stars