Cheryl Jollymore
2023 |

Software engineering refers to the systematic engineering approach to software development. It is a process that includes the management of activities, technical methods, and utilization of tools to create software products. Engineering techniques are utilized to inform the software development process, which consists of definition, implementation, assessment, measurement, management, change, and improvement of the software life cycle process. It makes extensive use of software configuration management that is concerned with systematically controlling configuration changes and ensuring the traceability and integrity of the configuration and code across the system life cycle. Software engineering is used in a wide range of industries for different purposes including software design, software testing, software requirements, software maintenance and software construction. This book contains some path-breaking studies on software engineering. Also included herein is a detailed explanation of its various concepts and applications. The book will serve as a valuable source of reference for graduate and postgraduate students.

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Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach