Angelo Marcos

Forget your dreams, what if your nightmares came true? Ariadne Perasmenos is plagued by bad dreams - the unwilling, defenceless star of her own nocturnal horror films. The nightmares all feature the same imposing shadow form - faceless yet inexplicably grinning - relentlessly chasing Ariadne through the horrendous landscape of her dreams. The sequence is ruthlessly identical each time - the breathless pursuit, the inevitable capture, the sadistic slaughter. And all the while, she would sense that grin... She used to wake up covered in sweat. Now she wakes up covered in blood. The nightmares have begun leaching from the subconscious realm and into reality, leaving Ariadne confused, disorientated, and sure of one thing only - nowhere is safe. Sleep deprived and desperate, she begins to doubt her own mind. Is there really a demonic creature intent on her destruction, or is she suffering from some undiagnosed psychosomatic disorder? Either way she is in a deadly race against time, because the next time she falls asleep, the Shadow Man might not let her wake up again... How do you fight a monster that may not even exist? "a disturbing look at what would happen if your nightmares started seeping into reality..." - Parikiaki newspaper"a creepy psychological thriller and compelling study of fear" - LGR website (Very) Quick Author Q and AWhat inspired you to write this story?I've suffered from various parasomnia - sleep disorders - for years now, and so I know how terrifying they can be. At times you can genuinely feel like external forces are pulling your strings as if you were some kind of marionette. There are so many different types of parasomnia - including sleepwalking, sleep paralysis and night terrors - and I wanted to explore some aspects of them along with the associated sleep deprivation that comes with these sleep disorders (which in itself can make matters worse).Who will enjoy this book?Anyone who likes psychological horror novels, paranormal suspense thrillers and sinister tales. There is also a question over whether this is a paranormal horror story or a psychological thriller story, as I wanted to keep the reader guessing about what is actually going on. Oh, and it might be best not to read this one in bed. Sleepless nights, tossing and turning, etc. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Sleep No More