Lynn Griesemer

Early on in our marriage, for reasons unknown to us, my husband and I started a habit of coming up with “book titles.” Late at night, after a stressful or not so stressful day, we would attempt to humor each other with our clever ideas. Sometimes we would erupt in hysterical laughter and other times, we’d help each other refine the title and author. Everyone likes good, clean humor. This book is for those who appreciate quirky humor that includes a “play on words.” Sit back, relax, and enjoy over 100 fictitious book titles and author names. It is for those with an edgy, childlike disposition, ready to giggle at a moment’s notice. Lynn is no stand-up comic, but she knows that laughter keeps you happy and smiling makes you a more pleasant person. Tell your friends and family and please post a review on Be sure to include your own book title creation!

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Silly Book Titles