Michael Ford
2011 |

Shadows of Azathoth - Horrific Tales of Vampiric Darkness by Michael W. Ford Three haunting tales of vampire-rituals and sorcery which unveil a world of otherworldly darkness and the insatiable appetite for human blood. Within the pages you will find vampiric rituals to evoke the hungry dead, ancient Babylonian sorcery ripping away the veil of the world of fantasy and reality. In SHADOWS OF AZATHOTH, the rites of chaos invoke a coven of Seven Vampiric Spirits and the horde of insect-demons which attempt to wear the flesh of their victims. This Lovecraft-inspired work blends both the world of the physical with that of the beyond. In THE HUNGERING ONE a ancient chaldean woman is visited by something unnamable, with spider-like talons awakens her flesh and as she finds her blood the elixir from which she will enter the city of Irkalla, the place of the dead.... In THE CULT OF THE WAR-GOD the secret tablets of an Assyrian king reveals his affiliation with the cult of Tiamat and the blood offerings...

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Shadows of Azathoth - Horrific Tales of Vampiric Darkness