T. August Green

Life in the 24th century has expanded to create the Six Worlds, but the personal trials we face are still there. Terry “Tug” Glenman has discovered that balancing a dual career of race driving and car building is more than a little stretch. At his shop and his California home, he’s spent the last decade with the love of his life. But when tragedy strikes, her worst fears come too close for comfort. In the aftermath, Tug is offered the chance of a lifetime. This could be the culmination of his dreams, but he quickly finds that fame and glory come with a very high price. Tug seeks his answers while driven by the haunted memory of his best friend and lured by a successful woman who can give him everything. Torn between a career that is his passion and everything at home he holds dear, he finds no easy decisions. This is where spirits soar and hearts are broken, while scores are settled at blinding speed in the perilous sport called Moonracing.

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The Moonracer Chronicles