Manojit Majumdar
2023 |
Business & Economics

Selling does not mean blabbering unnecessarily to win some debate. The concept of selling a comb to a bald man is a bad example. Solving a customer's problem is selling, not selling a dream they know will never come true. People start organisations with a dream and often do not prepare for the sales aspect of the business. Many assume that good products sell on their own or products with maximum features combined with a low price are a recipe for success and get shocked when these theories don't work. So, how do you survive and grow? Most management books emphasise and have case studies of successful mega-organizations with exceptional talent, deep pockets, and a legacy of success. However, countless small and medium-sized businesses lack access to such resources. How can these businesses thrive and grow? The book "Selling IS Not Cheating" should help

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Selling Is Not Cheating

Sales is Strategy, Skills, Pricing, Marketing, and Ethics