Terry Madden

Book two in the bestselling fantasy series Three Wells of the Sea . . . Six years have passed since the druid Lyleth resurrected Nechtan, won back his throne, and held him as he died once more. But now his murderous nephew, Talan, is king of the Five Quarters. He wants more than the throne, he wants Lyleth's six-year-old daughter, whispered to be the fabled "Child of Death." When Talan's warships anchor at the Isle of Glass, Lyleth knows he's come for his little cousin, and Lyleth will do anything to get her daughter back. Six years have passed since the English teacher, Hugh Cavendish, journeyed to the Five Quarters and returned to our world, paralyzed and broken. When he discovers his ailing Aunt Merryn has not only been to the Five Quarters, but has found a way back, Dish vows to follow her. He'd best hurry, for an ancient god-king stirs in his stony tomb and whispers in Talan's ear, "None but ye can set me free."

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The Salamander's Smile