Kawika Miles
2022 |

In an unnamed future, the world is united and equal all thanks to the efforts of the Nine's global Government. That's not how Jax, a lowly mill worker, sees it. In a shocking discovery of illegal, historical documents, his eyes are opened to the possibilities of an old world as he looks upon the smoldering ruins of what his home has become in Area Thirty-Eight. Finding the Raiders, a small band of resistance fighters, Jax begins the fight to restore the values he reads about from a long-lost patriot. The year is 2036, and society is lost-the United States of America is in a Cold Civil War. Due to the efforts of an underground radical political organization, The Ordean Reich, young veteran Mica Rouge takes matters into his own hands, joining an off the books intelligence agency-The Minuteman Division-in an effort to fight back. In their fight, they discover the Reich's plan to instill the Nine and abolish the country he has bled for. Is it enough? Follow the past and present in this American-dystopia as the fates of both Jax and Mica are intertwined in a war across time, for the Nine-they are only the beginning.

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Saga of the Nine: Origins