Harry Whitewolf
2013 |
Body, Mind & Spirit

All alone in Argentina, with only a guardian angel, a broken heart and an abundance of beer for company. With no plans and no time limit, the backpacking nameless tourist travels not only to Argentina but also across the borders to Paraguay, Chile and Brazil, through a blur of smoky bars, sexy senoritas, lucky escapes and magnificent mountains, guided by signs and the mysterious 11:11 Phenomenon. Told in a tangle of cut up twisted timelines; snippets and snapshots with bustling city and small town backdrops, this beat driven, beer drinking, spiritual somersault of a true story pushes the boundaries of modern writing to the limits. If you're looking for something different, then you've just found it. A story for travellers, truth seekers, free thinkers, and anyone that's been lost after losing their love. It could have been called 'Drink, Pray, Lust'! A Mind Body Spirit book with sex, drugs and reggaeton..."

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Route Number 11

Argentina, Angels & Alcohol