A R Davis

This is a first contact story, a tale of imagination versus reality. Martin Godfrey is a science fiction writer, familiar with those figments of the imagination, born outside the quarantine of everyday consciousness, called chimera. He has given them refuge in his novels. How can it hurt? He has let them wander through his daydreams. But chimera seldom come alone. They are difficult to control or contain. They can change your life if you are not careful. When Martin returns from a science fiction convention with an alien hiding in his car, reality strikes with a vengeance. He gives her refuge in his home, while trying to continue his daily routines and seeking his own refuge in the creation of a new novel. There is romance caught up in the butterfly effect of events racing toward an apocalypse. There are lies, deceptions, and misconceptions that have consequences.

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Refuge for the Khymera