Sandi Rebert
2023 |

*An AWARD-WINNING NOVEL, Redemption's Promise is an exciting adventure/romance set in Jerusalem during Jesus' death through His ascension. It also weaves in Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillment in Christ. All this in a fast-paced fictional story you won't be able to put down! - Jason bar Micaiah is just sixteen years old. His father, an insurrectionist, has been killed; his mother is missing. Given the choice of death, slavery, or becoming the son of a Roman centurion-he chooses adoption. Though he despises his new identity, his secret goal is to use it to his advantage-to continue his father's fight against Roman tyranny. Jason's life becomes an exciting, dangerous, and soul-searching adventure that ultimately leads to the true meaning of Redemption's Promise. *Redemption's Promise received the "Redemptive Fiction Recognition of Achievement" award from Radiax Press.

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Redemption's Promise