Alex Grecian
2023 |

Written with the devilish cadence of Stephen Graham Jones’ The Only Good Indians and the pulse-pounding brutality of Nick Cutter’s Little Heaven, Red Rabbit is an epic adventure of luck and misfortune, where death is always just around the bend. Sadie Grace is wanted for witchcraft, dead (or alive). And every hired gun in Kansas is out to collect the bounty on her head, including bonafide witch hunter Old Tom and his mysterious, mute ward Rabbit. On the road to Burden County, they’re joined by two vagabond cowboys with a strong sense of adventure – but no sense between them – and a recently widowed schoolteacher with nothing left to lose. But as their posse grows, so too does the danger. Racing along the drought-stricken plains in a stolen red stagecoach, they encounter monsters more wicked than witches lurking along the dusty trail. But the crew is determined to get that witch, or die trying.

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Red Rabbit