Alexa Rivers

Faith needs a fake boyfriend to ward off her matchmaking mother. Sexy single dad Shane fits the bill. Now he just needs to persuade her to give him a chance at something real. Faith St. John doesn't do relationships. Not after a string of men told her she's just too much. Too loud, too quirky, too full-on. But then her parents turn up in Haven Bay with a blind date in tow. As if things couldn't get worse, her high school sweetheart-who broke her heart and her ego-asks for a second chance. Enough is enough. She needs a man to play the role of devoted boyfriend-at least until her parents and ex leave town-and she knows just the guy for the job. Shane Walker has yearned for curvy ice-cream maker Faith since she started babysitting his sons. He's never bothered to pursue her because it would be crazy to imagine that the vivacious woman would even look twice at a jaded school teacher like him. But when their pretend kisses begin to feel genuine, he'll have to decide if he's willing to risk his battered heart. With Shane's ex interfering, and his eldest son reluctant to embrace Faith's new role in their lives, can the couple overcome the odds-and their personal hang-ups-to pave a path to happily ever after?

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Pretend to Be Yours (Haven Bay)