Tanisha Stewart

They wouldn't call it betrayal if it didn't come from a friend... For lack of a better word, Destiny's life is perfect. She met the man of her dreams her first week in college. Her grades are stellar, and she's got the lead role in the choir. But someone in her circle isn't happy for Destiny's success. And that person won't stop until she meets her demise. Des always gets the short end of the stick. She fights with everything she has to be noticed, but she's always overlooked. Her roommate, Destiny, always seems to come out on the winning side. Things reach a head when Destiny sails by on a cloud of joy the same day Des faces the worst rejection of her life. Out for blood, Des zeroes in on her so-called best friend. Time to knock her down a peg or two. A Praying Wife vs A Praying Woman is a spell-binding psychological thriller that will keep you up all night turning its pages.

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A Praying Wife Vs A Preying Woman

A Christian Romance Thriller