Jeff Keene, 2nd

Pericope had reclined in this third story window every evening for the last week basking in the warm rays of the setting sun. Each time, the view teased at her lofty dreams to escape her reality. Much had taken place to lead her to this bedchamber. A bedchamber not her own. She closed her eyes and breathed in the Holy Temple's splendor. Brilliant light shining in every direction from its gilded spires emanated a unique glow fueling her hopes. The golden structure gleamed in the setting sun's rays. It reinforced her understanding of why the Jews sincerely believed their god dwelled within the temple's walls of stone. She tore her gaze from that hallowed place. Guilt gnawed within her. Self-loathing banished her moment of peace. She knew what she was in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of God. She was an adultress.

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A Novel of an Adultress