Gail H. Scoates
2022 |

My sister, Karen, and I loved our dogs; and there were many over the years. Karen and I were very close, and even though we moved away from each other as adults, we always kept in touch. At one time we talked about living together as old ladies and taking care of each other, just as we did when we were kids.But life had other ideas. Looking forward to seeing her daughter grow up and loving her anticipated grandchildren, at the young age of 41 Karen was swept out of our lives by cancer. This is a story of our life together and ultimately apart. A story of how I found meaning in her suffering and in my grief by working with therapy dogs for nearly 25 years. The wonderful world of therapy dog work opened my life and my heart in ways I could never have imagined. Working with children, in hospitals and nursing homes are a few of the areas I was gifted to work with my dogs. The book contains a reflection of God's presence as he walked with me on this journey. The people I walked with to learn this craft as well as those I walked alongside fills me with gratitude for God's grace. As I ponder that grace, I wonder what else God has in store for you and me.

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Paws, Purpose and Possibilities