Linda Jenkin Costanzo
2013 |
Mothers of war casualties

It was the sixties. Mothers waited anxiously for their sons to return from Vietnam. But a knock on the door and two uniformed men delivered the news that would change their lives. Take a journey with the author and step inside the homes of 16 mothers who candidly talk about losing their sons nearly 50 years ago. These broken-hearted, yet courageous women wondered whether our country would remember their sons. As they struggled to make sense of their devastating loss, they kept their faith. A whisper of hope entered their lives. They forged ahead to honor the sacrifices of their sons. Many joined the American Gold Star Mothers Inc. You will learn how they overcame their darkest moments. What would they like us to know about their sons and what would they say to their sons if they could? These mothers opened their hearts and spoke with unquestionable pride about their sons, their heroes. They face grief, anger and shock with laughter, tears and strength as they honor their sons with a love burnished by time. These are America's gold star mothers.

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Our Sons, Our Heroes, Memories Shared by America's Gold Star Mothers from the Vietnam War