Craig Cunningham

Senior year is set up to be everything he ever wanted. But Colt begins to suspect that there has to be more to life than Friday night lights and chasing the next high. He soon crosses paths with a college-aged vagabond named Lucas Oliver who has traveled all over the world and been outcast by his hometown because of his unorthodox ideas about God, life, and death. Lucas's past remains a mystery, and Colt is warned by others in his community that his new friend could be dangerous. Even so, Lucas begins to mentor Colt and a group of eleven other senior guys, guiding them through a series of rites of passage over the course of the year. All the while, they meet each Sunday night around a barrel fire in the local church parking lot to talk about life and read their journal entries aloud beneath the stars. Together, this unique brotherhood of young men navigates the wonders, romance, and adventures of their senior year, but in the end, they are confronted with an event that challenges everything they hold true.

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One Night in a Thousand Years