Paul Renfroe

Why is there a devil? How powerful is he really? What are his limits? Why does God let him exist? How can we be more aware of his schemes and habits? Where do we fit in to the unseen realm? These age-old questions are explained in this book, third in the nine-book Unseen Series. Paul Renfroe takes the reader on a walk through four obscure Bible passages which reveal the devil's origin. A deep dive into satan's patterns of power yields biblical understanding of his partners, fallen angels and demons. This Bible study has been praised by initial reviewers for the flow of understanding and ease of reading. High marks have been given for the explanatory power of the author's Bible insights. Repeated praise includes words such as intriguing, a page turner, insightful, revelatory, explains so much.

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Nobody Sees This Creation

The Origin of the Devil and His Replacements