Chris Hirst
2019 |
Business & Economics

WINNER OF BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD 2020: LEADERSHIP FOR THE FUTURE A Financial Times Business Book of the Month 'A brilliant set of leadership tools that will help you succeed whatever your goal' - Sir Clive Woodward 'A punchy, plainly written guide, offering a readable and enlightened view of what leaders do and how they should do it' - Financial Times 'A new rubric on leadership' - Evening Standard Inspiration behind the No Bullsh*t Leadership Intelligence Squared podcast Leadership is not some special club, open only to elites. It's not a gold star given only to those with expensive degrees. Leadership is for everyone. Based on the author's hard-won experience as a Global CEO, this smart, fun book delivers a step-by-step working manual on how to lead - for anyone. Full of simple and direct approaches, it demystifies an over-analysed subject to get to the heart of modern leadership: the life-changing, career-transforming power to get stuff done. These principles and actionable steps apply to every field, from small businesses to community initiatives, from schools to sports teams to global enterprises. No matter your goal, this book will show you how to: - make effective decisions - build a world-class team - take care of yourself and others - achieve results

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No Bullsh*t Leadership

Why the World Needs More Everyday Leaders and Why That Leader Is You