Mark Greenside
2018 |

It was the best of the worst of times, the worst of the best of times, the beginning of the end of the beginning. That's how this story begins. It's late 70's, early 80's, New York City, and nothing works. No place is safe. Porn is everywhere. The streets are filthy, and the subways are worse. Trust is committing suicide--love is abused, and institutions and individuals are corrupt, corrupted, or corruptible. The City and country are disintegrating. Enter two of the unlikeliest characters you've ever met--think Charlie Brown meets Mr. Natural, or Alfred E. Neuman in The Heart of Darkness. All these guys want to do is survive, and they do--but in a way neither they nor you can imagine. The Night at the End of the Tunnel, or Isaiah Can You See? is a dystopian picaresque. Hold onto your hopes. They, along with everything good, are about to be taxed.

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The Night at the End of the Tunnel Or Isaiah Can You See?