Harry Whitewolf

Written in a frantic blur of inspiration over the first two months of 2015, this collection of contemporary neo-beat poetry by spiritual travel writer Harry Whitewolf is a passionately delivered, in your face dose of pop prose for the digital, conspiratorial, twenty first century world. Political poems like Kissinger Can Kiss My Ass and Frack Off ride alongside conspiracy themed odes like Illuminate Me Illuminati and Fly Your False Flags. There are beat homages (Cider With Snyder, The New Beat Newbies), mystical musings (Bye Bye Bao Bao, Mystic Prison), poems mimicking and mocking the modern age (#Smiley Face, Googling Goo), as well as tales of timeless hedonism (Legless Pub Crawls, Malbec Green Bottle Neck). Both comic and tragic, angry and compassionate, this collection of new poems is ultimately Whitewolf's howling for a peaceful revolution. Beginning with rhythmic baby new beats.

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New Beat Newbie