Jayne Castel

Falling for the enemy. Her mission is to seduce him—not fall in love with him. A Scottish druidess, an English knight, and a passion that brings two worlds together. Nessa is a Guardian of Alba, one of an ancient secret order of druidesses dedicated to defending Scotland from invaders over the centuries. Now she is charged with discovering the plans of Edward Longshanks. The English are gaining a foothold on Scottish soil—and they must be stopped. All Nessa has to do is seduce Hugh de Burgh—the English king’s right-hand—and she will be able to gain the secrets she seeks. But faced with the towering, surly knight, whose touch addles her wits and sets her aflame, Nessa soon realizes that this mission may cost her everything. Book One of Jayne Castel's exciting new series, NESSA'S SEDUCTION is an enemies to lovers, different worlds romance with a mature hero and heroine on opposite sides of a conflict. Guardians of Alba takes you back to 14th Century Scotland amidst the Wars of Scottish Independence. Immerse yourself in political intrigue, Celtic mysticism, betrayal, high-adventure, and steamy romance.

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Nessa's Seduction

A Scottish Medieval Romance (Guardians of Alba)