Ross Covert, Dana Jackson

Is the narcissist the quintessential zombie? If you're getting the life sucked out of you by this dementor then remember: it's not your fault! Do you feel a pain and suffering that robs you the healthy and happy life that you so truly deserve? If you want to protect yourself from the affliction and sadness some behavior can bring then you have to face the problem of a narcissistic relationship The narcissist is the quintessential zombie. Ever ravenous for your attention. He will do anything and everything within his power to get it, and to keep it. In the process, the narcissist will ruin you as well. When he's done, he won't give a crap what becomes of you. All you were was lunch. He has many more like you, waiting in the wings to satisfy his hunger. Some narcissists are adept at flying under the radar. You'll never catch on to the fact that your non-threatening colleague is in fact a narcissist who's got her sights set on you. You'll let your guard down, and the next thing you know, you're getting the life sucked out of you by this dementor. Narcissists are real. The narcissist is the quintessential zombie. They cause us to lose faith in humanity. They cause us to always question whether or not there really is such a thing as true love, or whether trust is overrated. The narcissistic lover ruins your chances of ever finding love and happiness again. And the narcissistic parent? They ruin their children's chances of growing up to be well rounded human beings. For too long, victims of narcissists have been blamed for their misfortunes. Why did they not get out on time? Why did the stick around? Why defend the very people they claim have hurt them? For far too long, victims of narcissistic abuse have been misunderstood. The wounds that they have suffered at the hand of the narcissist have been underrated, time and time again. Way too many harmful myths have been perpetuated about both the narcissist and her victims alike. In this book you will find: Recognize the different type of Narcissist How the Narcissist chose their target How he gets in your head What is the abuse cycle How to learn to know who you're dealing with Who is the Gaslighting How to recovery from the wounds The ultimate ways to deal with a Narcissist The time has come to part the veil of ignorance and help people understand the truth of the matter. The narcissist is real. The narcissist is human, only in the sense that they look like you average Joe or Jane. But if you were to look past flesh and blood, you'd find no soul. The narcissist is just a black hole, sucking out all life and joy wherever they go. It never ends. They're never satisfied. The carnage the leave behind is of epic proportions. Try as you might to get the narcissist to see the error of his ways, it just will not happen. Whatever feelings you might detect from them do not exist. They are method actors, completely immersing themselves in the roles of whatever persona they are trying to sell themselves as to you. If you don't know the signs to look out for, the narcissist will succeed. They will leave you completely destroyed. Now, more than ever, we need to be enlightened about the narcissist. To understand what makes them tick, and how they operate. Only then will we be able to keep ourselves safe from the menace that is the narcissist. Only when we know the enemy and understand what they have done to us, can we truly get to setting ourselves free. Remember: It's not your fault!

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Understanding Narcissism and the Personality Disorder. How to Handle and Deal with a Narcissistic Relationship. Start the Abuse Recovery and Take Your Revenge by Becoming His Nightmare.