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Buy The Paperback Version Of This Book And Get The Kindle Book Version For FREE Have you encountered self-centered people and you just can't figure out how to deal with them? Or worse still, have you dated one? Dating a narcissist is one of the worst experiences that you can go through. He is so charming at the beginning, you're totally convinced that you've finally met your prince charming. Things move fast, and by the time you realize that it was all a façade, you're in deep emotional bond. The relationship is ridden with manipulation, lies, threats, criticism, and ultimatums. Do you choose to stay and be the sacrificial lamb? Or do you choose to leave? Either way, you end up carrying deep emotional scars. If what has brought you here is your need to understand narcissism, and try to figure out why a person would be so unkind to another, then you're in the right place. This book has been put together after comprehensive research. It covers diverse aspects of narcissism to help you gain an in-depth understanding of this personality disorder. If you have suffered emotional abuse in the hands of a narcissist; we've got you covered. We have covered various conditions that can arise from emotional abuse such as stress, anxiety, worry, panic, low self-esteem, negative self-talk and so on. And most importantly, the book outlines the steps that you can take to heal from emotional abuse. The topics covered include: Decoding Narcissism Is Narcissism Becoming a Generational Epidemic? Identifying a Narcissist Healthy aspects of Narcissism Constant Concern about Self-image Unsteady Self-esteem How to know you're dating a Narcissist Narcissists don't find Pleasure in Relationships How to take control of a Relationship with a Narcissistic Person In Love, he's a Bad Partner The Narcissist in Therapy Empathy: the Key Point of Therapy Healing from Emotional Abuse Meditation for Emotional Healing Exercise your Way to Emotional Healing Practice the Mindfulness approach The steps recommended are easily actionable so that you can start your healing journey right away. If you have not been through this experience and are just looking for information, you're accommodated in this book as well. We have outlined the character traits of narcissists so that you can readily tell them apart and avoid their manipulative games. This will also keep you from falling into toxic relationships. What about the narcissist? You may be here and those around you have referred to you as a narcissist. What does that even mean? What do they mean saying that I need help? There's nothing wrong with me! Well, we got you in mind as well. Go through the book and see if you can see some of your character traits covered here. If so, you do not have to panic. Narcissism can be treated with therapy. The journey starts with accepting that you have a problem and agreeing to find help. You'll gradually learn to take attention off yourself and treat others better. And just like that, you'll watch your relationships, and consequently, your life, turn for the better. If you think this book can answer your questions, scroll to the top of the page and select the buy now button.

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Understanding Narcissism: Overt Or Covert Narcissistic Personality, Know the Two Sides of the Same Coin to Check Toxic Relationships and Heal from Emotional Abuse