Kathryn Erskine, Keith Henry Brown
2023 |
Juvenile Fiction

National Book Award winner Kathryn Erskine teams up with Keith Henry Brown on this lyrical picture book that celebrates music and Black identity. Trevor’s dad is a DJ, and he always picks the best music— tunes jivin’, beat drivin’, high fivin’! —he’s DJ Dap Daddy! But after his parents split up and Dad moves out, Trevor feels like the pitch doesn’t fit between them. Trevor has his own music now—hip-hop—and Dad can’t seem to let go of his old soul favorites. As the end-of-year dance approaches, Trevor and his father will have to find their new groove to get the party started. My Dad Is a DJ is a hip-hoppin’, beat boppin’, tunes poppin’, not stoppin’ story of a father and son’s shared love of music and each other.

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My Dad Is a DJ