Parag Khanna
2022 |
Business & Economics

"In the 60,000 years since people began colonizing the continents, a continuous feature of human civilization has been mobility. History is replete with seismic global events-pandemics and plagues, wars and genocides. Each time, after a great catastrophe, our innate impulse toward physical security compels us to move. The map of humanity isn't settled-not now, not ever. The filled-with-crises 21st century promises to contain the most dangerous and extensive experiment humanity has ever run on itself: As climates change, pandemics arrive, and economies rise and fall, which places will people leave and where will they resettle? Which countries will accept or reject them? How will the billions alive today, and the billions coming, paint the next map of human geography? Until now, the study of human geography and migration has been like a weather forecast. Move delivers an authoritative look at the "climate" of migration, the deep trends that will shape the grand economic and security scenarios of the future. For readers, it will be a chance to identify their location on humanity's next map"--

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Where People Are Going for a Better Future