Steven M. Morris

A mythical deity. A hidden prophecy. Will fighting her destiny herald death for everyone she loves? Elliah knows she shouldn't be alive. A youthful wood elf bereft of magic, she's spent her long-lived childhood drifting from town to town as her mother conceals her from those who believe she needs to be culled. Sick of feeling like an outcast, she's intrigued when she meets a young half-breed who encourages her to view her odd nature as a gift instead of a flaw. When a misstep draws undue attention, Elliah and her mother quickly leave the village in the company of her new companion and his dragon-hunted father. But even as her confidence grows, her world shatters when she discovers she's been lied to about her heritage... and it could change the future of their entire race. Stubbornly resisting her fate, can she keep a nation from falling into the dark? Mother of Trees is the spellbinding first book in the Thaumatropic Roots epic fantasy series. If you like clever humor, relatable characters, and clean storytelling, then you'll love Steven J. Morris's thrilling adventure. Buy Mother of Trees to expose deep-rooted secrets today!

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Mother of Trees