Nicolae Ovidiu Baiculescu

After having joined forces with the witch and the imp, Naghnatë and Nuuk – as well as helping the Iprorim escape imprisonment from the citadel of Arkhanthï – Lorian is forced to return alone to his village of Sallncoln as a group of orcs and acolytes are marching to finish what the unexplained, great fire had started. Proving to his fellow villagers that the threat is real will be quite an undertaking, but in the end it will reveal where true friendships lay. The unfortunate series of events sees him always a step further away from his heart’s desire; seeking his promised love, Elmira, who has been missing for days. Yet, it will allow him to meet for the first time the elves and explore more of the unknown lands of the North. Following the magical ways proves to be a hefty burden for his good, but doubting heart, especially when fate will not always take his side, as he foolishly convinced himself it would.

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