Dan Willis

This is a story that has never been told: of Mother Mary's life after the crucifixion of her beloved son. Through conflict, tragedies, loss, and monumental challenges she embodies the archetypal love and devotion for a son that has inspired the world. She birthed a son from heaven, then beyond his grave mothers his consciousness of love.This is a story of Mary's struggles to give birth to a new world through the womb of compassion to prove her crucified son's ideals about the transcendent power of love and mercy. In our current times of unrest, compassion and mercy can be our saving grace.Mary's dream is for her son's message of the transcendent power of love to re-create the world. although suffering from personal tragedies, she struggles to prove the power of her son's ideals through her creation and work with the Order of Widows and Charity Missions of the Pure in Heart to alleviate the suffering of others.Mary's dramatic story post-resurrection is interwoven with her two older stepsons - Simon, who seethes with hatred and yearns for vengeance against Rome for the murder of his son; and Jude, who feels trapped to care for Mary while yearning to leave her to preach the Gospel. The grace of mercy not only heals and transforms Mary and their lives, but the lives of several others touched by Mary's compassion. Mary's journey brings her into contact with several people who share their personal accounts of how the love of her son saved them.

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Mary - Mother of Grace and Mercy

The Struggle to Birth a New World Through the Womb of Compassion to Prove Her Crucified Son's Ideals about the Transcendent Power of Love