Guy Portman

Trouble has a habit of finding some people. Kitchenhand Deron thinks he's hit the jackpot when a routine delivery of vegetables turns out to be contraband. The problem is it belongs to somebody else. And they want it back. Financier Hamish has got involved in the arms trade and business is good. However, he's unwittingly made a formidable foe. One who will stop at nothing for revenge. Ken's fed up with the nine-to-five. An illegal venture with girlfriend Laura brings the job satisfaction he craves, but also attention from organised crime. This could all go horribly wrong. These sharp, shocking and suspenseful stories are a must read. 'Dangerously droll crime capers' - Adam Riley, Comedian If you like dark humorous crime, you'll love Mangetout Guy Portman is the author of eight books. These include: Necropolis Tomorrow's World: Darkly Humorous Tales From The Future Symbiosis (Published by Festa Verlag in Germany 2021) Golgotha

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