Elizabeth Haigh
2021 |

'It's impossible to pinpoint a certain specific cuisine to one region, so when people ask me what type of food is Singaporean, I simply reply with “the delicious type”. Southeast Asian cuisine is a proud mix of migrants and influences from all across Asia, which fuses together to create something even greater than the original.' In this beautiful new collection, rising star Elizabeth Haigh draws together recipes that have been handed down through many generations of her family, from Nyonya to Nyonya, creating a time-capsule of a cuisine. Growing up, it was through food that Elizabeth's mum demonstrated her affection, and the passion and love poured into each recipe is all collated here; a love letter to family cooking and traditions. Recipes include: Nonya-spiced braised duck stew pickled watermelon and radish salad beef rendang Singapore chilli crab fried tofu with spicy peanut sauce spicy noodle soup nasi goreng (spicy fried rice) Miso apple pie ... and many more! Adapting these traditional recipes to ensure ingredients are easily sourced in the West, Elizabeth brings a taste of Singapore to your own kitchen.

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Recipes from the Heart of Singapore