Núria Añó

Gabriele is an actress who, as her career approaches its end, takes a trip to the city where she spent her adolescence. Her sudden visit awakens something unexpected in two of her friends, who see in her an escape from their grey, monotonous days. Through her friends, the actress sees the life she could have had. The burden of fame has been pursuing her for forty years, and only one thing is evident: this trip awakens passions and changes the lives of everyone she visits. “What Núria Añó gives us in this book is a piece of real life, dissected with the razor-sharp scalpel of her writing. This work contains great use of language and style. The novel is not easy, either its subject or its style, but it is very interesting and, in my opinion, is one of the great promises of contemporary Catalan writing.” –magazine on literary and comparative literature studies, L'Ull crític, No. 15-16 "With her unmistakable style, the author gives us a glimpse of daily life through the eyes and thoughts of the narrative voices of the book’s different characters. It is a succession of spontaneous and profoundly human snippets which, although with a touch of irony, capture the bitterness of regret and the nostalgia of past times, but also the hope of a new start." –Cinzia Rizzotto, Translator

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