Vicki Case
2012 |

Love is Eternal, the third book in a literary trilogy by author and poet Vicki Case, depicts one womans epic journey into the depths of darkness and back. Once in our lives someone comes along who is undeniably the love of our lives and our soul mate. Loved with a love so pure and true; that it is rarely, if ever found twice in ones lifetime. A promise made by your love and soul mate is accepted in good faith. Cases love and soul mate made her only one promise, and then he broke it, leaving her heartbroken, shattered, and desperately needing to understand why. Concluding a truly beautiful love and relationship in this manner, with no explanation, was selfish and insensitive and took away any means of closure for Case. She spiralled into the depths of depression as a result of her loss and grief. Even so, there was a light at the end of the tunnel; she found solace and the healing power of words in poetry, now chronicled in Love is Eternal. I have published my words So they might reach you One day you will realise What you need to do The words in my poems Come from my bleeding heart The power of my words Come from us being apart To a beautiful paradise You lost the key It was lost the day You walked away from me

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Love Is Eternal