Bob Marley
2012 |

DIVDIVAn inspiring collection of poems, meditations, and lyrics by one of the world’s most revered musical legends /divDIVBob Marley’s music defined a movement and forever changed a nation. Known worldwide for their message of peace and unity, Marley’s songs—from “One Love” to “Redemption Song” to “Three Little Birds”—have touched millions of lives. This collection is the best of Bob Marley presented in three parts: “The Man,” giving an in-depth look into the life of Bob Marley; “The Music,” comprising his most memorable lyrics as well as links to many of his songs in iTunes; and “The Revolution,” containing his meditations on social equality and the Rastafari movement. Enriched with iconic photographs, Listen to Bob Marley provides insight into a reggae legend, the inspirational man behind the music. /divDIV /divDIVThis ebook features an introduction by daughter Cedella Marley and an illustrated biography of Cedella including rare photographs from her personal collection./div/div

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Listen to Bob Marley

The Man, the Music, the Revolution