Odie Hawkins
2014 |

Hawkins delivers a novel that mixes the streetwise lingo of vintage pimp fiction together with scathing satirical commentary about the spread of global capitalism, the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and the AIDS crisis in West Africa. A classic worthy of the Sweets series. Dr. Justin Gifford, Professor of English Literature, University of Nevada, Reno Peter Wright is clinging to a chimney surrounded by dirty water after Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans when he first learns that the man he calls his father is not his real daddy. As his mother relays his shocking biological story, Peter discovers that his father is Sweet Peter Deeder II, a master pimp with a well-known reputation. Eventually rescued and sworn to secrecy by his mother, Peter grows into a street-smart fourteen-year-old who has an overwhelming desire to get to know his biological father. After his mother quietly arranges a month-long visit with his father, Peter heads to Chicago where he begins unveiling his biological history. As Sweet Peter Deeder II introduces Peter to fine cognac, expensive dinners, and his luxurious condo, Peter is provided a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of a big-time pimp. Now known as Lil Sweets, Peter begins a journey through the world of pimping that leads him from Chicago to West Africa to Spain and back again as he explores his options and contemplates his future. In this multi-layered urban tale, a young African American on a quest for the truth must decide whether to embrace his unusual destiny or return to his old life.

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Lil’ Sweets

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