Denise Grover Swank

Darcie Weatherby has a full plate--a preteen and sixteen-year-old twins, a wayward grandmother, a nightmare boss, and a manipulative ex-husband. The last thing she needs are hot flashes.Especially ones that start fires.But like most single mothers, Darcie sucks it up and deals with it, because what else can she do? The kids need to be fed, her grandmother needs supervising, and her demanding boss needs placating.Burning her boss's house down was a total accident.Honest.It doesn't take long before Darcie realizes she's running on borrowed time. Unless she figures out a way to get these hot flashes under control, there's a very good chance she'll spontaneously combust at the Founder's Day Masquerade Ball and leave her children motherless. There's no way in hell--or Perry's Fall, Ohio--Darcie will let that happen.Never underestimate the determination of a mother.Especially a smokin' hot one.Looking for more books in this HOT FLASH of a new genre?Check out these books available February 18/2020:KF Breene "Magical Midlife Madness"Eve Langlais "Halfway There"Robyn Peterman "It's a Wonderful Midlife Crisis"Shannon Mayer "Grave Magic Bounty"Jana DeLeon "Wrong Side of Forty"Deanna Chase "Witching For Grace"Kristen Painter "Sucks to be Me"Elizabeth Hunter "Suddenly Psychic"Michelle M Pillow "Second Chance Magic"Mandy M Roth "Cloudy With a Chance of Witchcraft"Darynda Jones "Betwixt"Christine Gael "Writing Wrongs"

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Let It All Burn

A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel