Alexander C. Wagenaar, Rosalie Liccardo Pacula, Scott Burris
2023 |

Explore how the law shapes and influences public health In the newly revised second edition of Legal Epidemiology: Theory and Methods, a team of distinguished researchers delivers a thorough primer on the problems that arise in legal epidemiology—and potential solutions to those problems. Following an introduction to the basic concepts of the field in Part One, the book offers a rich collection of theories that researchers have used to study how law influences behavior in Part Two. The book also covers the special questions of measurement that arise when law is the independent variable and the various study designs for legal epidemiology. Drawing on the full range of social, psychological, sociological, and sociolegal disciplines to better understand, measure, and predict how much laws will influence health-relevant behaviors and environments, the editors have also included works that: Discuss the frameworks for legal epidemiology, including explorations of law in public health systems and services Examine how law influences behavior, including discussions of criminological theories, procedural justice theory, and economic theory Explore the design of legal epidemiology evaluations, including natural experiments, randomized trials, and qualitative research An essential and engaging resource for experienced social science researchers, health scientists, legal scholars, and policy analysts, Legal Epidemiology: Theory and Methods will also benefit students, novice scientists, and non-scientists seeking a general orientation to the subject.

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Legal Epidemiology

Theory and Methods