Heather Flood, Tony Flood

Most of us love twists in the tale, humour and tear-jerkers that pull on the heartstrings. And if some of them involve a bully, a cheat or a bigot getting their comeuppance, then so much the better. It's all packed into the short stories and poems written by Heather and Tony Flood in Laughs and Tears Galore! plus so much more, including love, passion, human error, nostalgia, and patriotism. And there are plenty of surprises! This unique publication, which offers inside it a free gift of one of Heather or Tony's other books, has received high praise from fellow authors. Here are their glowing endorsements: DELIGHTFUL! Heather and Tony Flood have come up with a delightful and intriguing collection of poems and short stories to keep you reading through the night. The poetry is diverse and thought-provoking, and the short stories have twists in the tale to keep you guessing. - Ellie Dean, author of international best-selling Cliffehaven series. INTRIGUING! Tony and Heather have opened their Floodgates so that you are awash with a wide mixture of intriguing poems and short stories on tides of surprises. These talented authors provide waves of smiles and tears, taking you swimmingly along without drowning your expectations. - Laurie Wilkinson, author of ten popular poetry books. ENTHRALLING! A fascinating variety of well-constructed short stories and poems, with depth and variety, which keep you guessing. It's great to be surprised and I certainly was. This light-hearted look at human foibles is endearing and very entertaining. - Jim Whelan, actor and author. CAPTIVATING! WOW! What a delight! My only disappointment was reaching the end...I wanted more! These 'bite-sized' captivatingstories and poems are an ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea when taking a break on a busy day. - Daisy Bourne, author of Tales of Avalon series.

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Laughs and Tears Galore!

Stories and poems with twists