Julian Stockwin
2009 |

'In Stockwin's hands the sea story will continue to entrance readers across the world' - Guardian Thomas Paine Kydd, a young wig-maker from Guildford, is seized by the press gang to be a part of the crew of the 98-gun line-of-battle ship Royal William. The ship sails immediately and Kydd has to learn the harsh realities of shipboard life fast. Despite all the danger of tempest and battle he goes through, he comes to admire the skills and courage of the seamen - taking up the challenge himself to become a true sailor. Based on dramatic real events, it is classic storytelling at its very best, rich with action with exceptional characters and a page-turning narrative. ********************* What readers are saying about KYDD 'A cracking good read' - 5 stars 'A first-class job' - 5 stars 'A terrific book' - 5 stars 'Excellent and very accurate' - 5 stars 'I could not put it down' - 5 stars

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