Karen E Chin

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the problems life throws at you? Do you want more out of life, or even just peace of mind and freedom from worry and stress? Or perhaps you feel hopeless, unable to cope with serious issues such as addiction, abuse, or the death of a loved one? The secret to overcoming these challenges is a faith-filled life. In this inspirational book there are eleven lessons to help you develop a faith powerful enough to move mountains and build the life you desire. Drawing from personal experience and the wisdom of Scripture, you will learn how to find your faith, nurture it, draw upon it to eliminate doubt and fear, and then use it to knit the threads of your life into a glorious tapestry. Faith is always around, but you must activate it. Once you have, all you need to do is stand still and watch God move—and your faith will grow with every victory.

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Knitted Faith

It's Time to Reap What You Sew