Gary Earl Ross
2023 |
Performing Arts

Killing Grounds: Three Stage Thrillers and One Anti-War Play collects four stage plays by award-winning playwright and novelist Gary Earl Ross. Picture Perfect--Executed serial killer Gunther Creel leaves an unusual gift for the psychologist who spent hours interviewing him. What happens to the psychologist, his mystery writer wife, and their friends is an examination of the metastasis of evil. Split Wit--When the only witness to a murder suffers from Split Brain Syndrome, Detective Maxine Travis must find a way to get the witness to reveal what he saw. Stoker's Guest--on holiday in the seaside town of Whitby, writer Bram Stoker uncovers a terrifying inspiration for what will become his most famous book, Dracula. The Guns of Christmas--On Christmas Eve 1914, two squads of soldiers facing each other across No Man's Land must decide what to do when someone starts singing "Silent Night."

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Killing Grounds

Three Stage Thrillers and One Anti-War Play