Paul Britton
2013 |
True Crime

'Riveting... Everyone should read it' Observer 'Nothing short of sudden death will distract you from The Jigsaw Man' Independent 'Compelling... Fascinating... Britton has done hugely important work that saves lives' Sunday Times ___________________________________________ The award-winning true crime classic. Forensic psychologist Paul Britton asks himself four questions when he is faced with a crime scene: what happened: who is the victim: how was it done, and why? Only when he has the answers to these questions can he address the fifth: who is responsible? What he searches for at the crime scene are not frinerprints, fibres or bloodstains - he looks for the 'mind trace' left behind by those responsible: the psychological characteristics that can help the police to identify and understand the nature of the perpetrator. The Jigsaw Man is not only a detective story involving some of the most high-profile cases of recent years, but also a journey of discovery into the darkest recesses of the human mind to confront the question 'Where does crime come from?'

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The Jigsaw Man