Javier Sierra
2012 |

This collection contains three of Javier Sierra's heartpounding thrillers: THE SECRET SUPPER: This instant New York Times bestseller reveals the secrets embedded in Leonardo Da Vinci's best-known Christian piece The Last Supper. THE LOST ANGEL: A Middle Eastern terrorist group will stop at nothing to get their hands on a mysterious pair of 16th century stones used for communicating with God—even if it means running from the CIA, the President of the United States and putting their lives on the line. THE LADY IN BLUE: Javier Sierra investigates another thrilling historical enigma: the mysterious Lady in Blue who magically appeared to Native Americans in the 16th century. The Conquistadores initially believe she is the Virgin of Guadalupe but the truth is far more surprising.

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The Javier Sierra Collection

The Secret Supper, The Lost Angel, and The Lady in Blue