Sheilah Mara, Terry B. Thomas
2016 |
Nurses' aides

If you have ever thought about a career in healthcare, and specifically as a Certified Nursing Assistant, then this book is what you will need to set you on the path to realizing your career goals. The "How-to" Guide on Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant gives detailed answers to a wide range of questions. It is ideal for those who - Are interested in a career as a certified nursing assistant - Are inexperienced in the field of healthcare - Want affordable training - Want to know about employment opportunities - Want an easy step-by-step process to follow Almost everyone who wants to enter this profession could use some assistance along the way to becoming a CNA, and The "How-to" Guide on Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant will provide exactly that, along with: - Understanding what a CNA does - Appreciating how jobs for CNAs differ from similar occupations in the healthcare sector - Determining if your personality traits align with other CNAs - How to select the training program appropriate for your needs - What to expect from training - Eligibility requirements - Ways to pay for training (and even get it free) - An insight into the competency exam process and tips on how to prepare - Tips on getting a job and how to keep it. The "How-to" Guide on Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the last word in the pursuit of a CNA certification, and with handy links to state resources, you can use it as a reference long after you have passed the exam and have landed your first job. Read the book and gain the confidence you need to jump start your CNA career today.

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The How-To Guide on Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

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